The AJAr Foundation is a non-profit human rights and civil liberties firm working to quietly enhance mainstream conditions of user privacy, free expression, and access to information online. This mission is pursued by means of active research and open developments in the realm of information security, and through a network of secure file sharing and communications services that are free and open to the public.



New users must be invited by an existing user—or staff—to join. Contact for invitation/support.

Most network services do require a free handle to use. User safety is the top priority of this network, so we actively protect your identity: No information about your personal identity or geographic location is requested—nor an existing e-mail address, phone number, external user account, etc.—when establishing your membership.


Anonymous use of hosted services is encouraged wherever it helps users exercise their rights to privacy, free expression, and open education. Note that network membership is still required to access some services, but does not entail disclosure of true identities.

https://  ajar  o uh  33  jee  5  tos  .onion

All services are accessible via this Tor hidden service, including all non-Web services. If you visit this page via the link above, you'll find a signed list of all current addresses.

Privacy Policy

No network traffic, access, or use data will ever knowingly be recorded or retained for any service operated by the AJAr Foundation. All user information handled and/or stored by the AJAr Foundation is encrypted such that neither the AJAr Foundation nor any other unauthorized entity will be able to read or transmit that data in raw form. No data will be shared with outside entities because that is technically infeasible to do.

The guarantees provided here are valid as written insofar as the underlying cryptographic systems employed could reasonably be said to provide this security. For any user data that will not be encrypted, there will be an explicit and clear disclaimer noting so, but this typically would be where you expect it (e.g. communications over IRC).


Aaron Artille, Founder

Hey, I'm Aaron. Party of one at the moment... Please get in touch if you're interested in working together, if you'd like to learn about current and/or planned developments, or if you would like to establish membership with this network at a cost of zero. Ping me:

  1. E-mail ............ [email protected]
  2. Discord ........... AJAr#0001
  3. iPhone ............ +1 727-242-4985
  4. WhatsApp .......... +1 727-242-4985
  5. reddit ............ AaronArtille
  6. Github ............ ajartille
  7. Stack Exchange .... AJAr
  8. Keybase ........... ajar
  9. LinkedIn .......... ajartille
  10. Facebook .......... AJArtille
  11. freenode .......... AJAr
  12. TripSit ........... AJAr

Encrypt sensitive messages with my PGP public key <BD79 DAC3 48B1 AF35> (can use Keybase).

Commited to Public Domain
August 18, 2018