The AJAr Foundation is a non-profit human rights & civil liberties group based primarily within the United States, operating without borders to strengthen mainstream conditions of lucid security, confident privacy, rightful entitlement, and shameless appreciation of such natural freedoms as uncensored speech, intellectual and creative expression, unfiltered education, open commerce, peaceful coexistence, and secret humanity.



Endorsed work is done carefully in promotion and defense of human rights and civil liberties, particularly with respect to infringements stemming from apparent weaknesses in the mainstream conditions of information security standards, common practices, and critical judgements online.


The organization's broad mission is to make superior preventive measures against infringement on civil rights and liberties more accessible to—and in more common use by—the general public, notably unconstrained by the average person's concern about freedom, knowledge of particular threats, or explicit demand for enhanced security.

Short Order

This mission exists in partial opposition to the present reality of mainstream computer networking, wherein good measures are technically available in most cases, but only to a tech-savvy minority who care directly about privacy and know how to use those facilities. To put it more simply, the goal is to enhance security and privacy for the average Internet user without requiring that he/she ask for it or care any bit at all about their privacy to begin with.

Bigger Picture

A long-term goal is some considerable realization of the Internet as a global public service that is free (as in free speech), open to all, and liberated from the many issues of strategic and moral regulation, surveillance, and harmful misconduct which plague the Internet in its present condition. It is our mission to address those issues which now enable infringement on the rights and liberties of the public at large.

The "Team"

Aaron J. Artille

Hey, I'm Aaron. Party of one at the moment, so please get in touch if you might want to work on something together (or just chat).

As some of my disorganized ideas—at least one, I beg you—come to fruition, this website will expand significantly from its present state. Not much to see yet, but I had to publish something. Blog coming Soon™.

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